Ashley Miller, Texas Cannabis Queen, is a market & media influencer for the Cannabis industry.  Coming from the most conservative and controversial state concerning “The Devil’s Lettuce,” Ashley gained her most loyal and local following through her passion as an activist. Through education and many meetings with Texas elected officials, Ashley decided it was time to go national. TCQueen has gained so much support and love in the industry, not only with the culture but with some of the industry’s leading businesses as well.  What started as just a personal activist journey has now bloomed into a firm foundation and following making Ashley Miller a rare asset to the industry. An educated, trendy, honest, and loyal leading influencer capable of touching the hearts of people across the nation.

Cited in online magazines such as Forbes, and Voyage Houston, Ashley Ferrata is a successful cannabis consultant, an expert in hemp marketing, and a national advocate for alternative medicine. Texas Cannabis Queen is all about educating the public on the benefits of cannabis across hundreds of industries and empowering female entrepreneurs worldwide.